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An accredited school

SET IDIOMAS is an active member of the Argentine Association of Language Centers (SEA) and is also accredited by the Instituto Cervantes as an Associate Center. Accreditations guarantee the quality of the service provided by an educational institution.

Language schools undergo strict assessment processes including on-site visits in order to obtain quality seals. These evaluations are usually carried out by external quality auditors, whose work is to thoroughly examine the schools´ procedures and their adjustment to specific standards.

Auditors represent national and international organizations that are renowned for their high academic and ethical level. Only schools offering the best service are finally accredited. SET IDIOMAS is accredited and recommended by different organizations, so you can enjoy a high-quality Spanish course in Argentina at any time.

The Accreditation Criteria

  • Academic quality: Teachers’ and academic coordinators’ background and training, programs offered, teaching resources, etc.
  • Administrative and financial transparency: data systematization, proper organization, compliance with legal requirements (permits, inspections, etc.).
  • Facilities: classrooms, health & safety, multiple-use spaces, additional services for students (Wi-Fi, library, PCs), etc.
  • Truthfulness of the information published by the school in its website and brochures.
  • Additional services: accommodation placement, leisure activities (appropriateness, variety, the way in which they are organized), emergency healthcare service, etc.

Why Choose an Accredited School?

Because it guarantees you are receiving the best teaching and professional care available.
At SET IDIOMAS we have permanent and highly qualified SFL teaching staff, fully equipped classrooms, and up-to-date teaching resources.
Moreover our coordinators (in the academic, administrative, recreational and accommodation areas) offer personalized assistance to students in order to fulfill their needs at all times. Study Spanish in Argentina with us and enjoy a quality learning experience!

SET IDIOMAS is accredited and recognized by:


Instituto CervantesFounded by the Spanish government in 1991, the Instituto Cervantes (IC) promotes the teaching, use and study of the Spanish language and contributes to the advancement of the Hispanic and Latin American cultures throughout the world. Its headquarters are located in Madrid and Alcalá de Henares (Spain), and there are centers distributed worldwide.

Associate (accredited) Centros Centers are audited by the Instituto Cervantes every 3 years, encouraging them to maintain and even improve the quality standards offered to their students.

SET IDIOMAS has been an IC Associate Center since October 2009, being one of the only two Spanish schools bearing this quality seal in Argentina.
Only Associate Centers may include the IC logo in their websites, posters and brochures.


Asociación de Centros de Idiomas

SEA is the most important Association of Language Centers in Argentina.

To become members, language schools are asked to prove compliance with all relevant legislation and educational standards in force, as well as their academic staff’s (directors and coordinators) expertise, in addition to observing other requirements aimed at language teaching excellence.

Given that SET IDIOMAS is a language school accredited by the SEA, our Spanish students´ rights are protected by a special program created by this organization. Thus, any student having suggestions or complaints related to his/her learning experience at SET IDIOMAS (or any other SEA-accredited educational institution) is entitled to send them by e-mail at


Agencia Córdoba Turismo

Agencia Córdoba Turismo is the governmental entity in charge of tourism promotion in the Province of Córdoba. It also endorses a number of related activities such as language tourism, a form of tourism aimed at learning or perfecting a foreign language in a foreign country.

This entity is firmly committed to the promotion, growth and diffusion of the teaching of Spanish as a tourist attraction in Córdoba. In October 2010, together with the Argentine Association of Language Centers (SEA), it organized the First International Congress on Language Tourism. SET IDIOMAS is both accredited and recommended by Agencia Córdoba Turismo.


Lonely Planet is the travelers´ preferred guide. Its recommendations are based on impartial evaluations made by professionals visiting the most varied tourist destinations.
Lonely Planet states on its website that its authors “are not allowed to accept free accommodation or meals in exchange for favorable write-ups, so their recommendations are honest and objective.” They consistently keep their information updated, add new recommendations and listen to what other travelers have to say. [Read more]
SET IDIOMAS is the only Spanish school in Córdoba recommended by Lonely Planet.

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