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I want to travel and study Spanish in Argentina at the same time, what can I do?
SET IDIOMAS has associate schools in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Bariloche (Argentina). Moreover, we have partner schools in the cities of Montevideo (Uruguay) and Santiago (Chile). Our Combined Destinations Program allows you to take Spanish lessons in different locations, offering special discounts. Tell us what your favorite destinations are at, and we´ll send you a quote shortly.

When do courses start?
Courses take place all year round and start every Monday. If a given Monday falls on a national holiday, classes will start on the next day.

How many weeks do I need to study in order to be able to speak Spanish?
An average student with no previous knowledge of Spanish can acquire basic communication tools within 3 to 4 weeks, with 20 hours of group lessons per week. This will allow you to go from level zero to be able to hold a basic conversation on general topics. If you have previous knowledge of Spanish your progress will be much faster.

Can I extend my course or reserve a new one in another city if I´m already in Argentina?
Yes, providing you inform us in advance. If you want to extend your Spanish course in Córdoba, you must let us know at least two working days before the agreed end date. If you want to continue your Spanish course in one of our partner schools in Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Montevideo (Uruguay) or Santiago (Chile), you must let us know at least three working days before the agreed end date.

How do I get from the airport/bus terminal to my accommodation? 
The transfer from the airport or the bus station to your accommodation is not included in our Spanish Courses pricing. However, you may request this service from SET IDIOMAS  by using the additional services form (F004).

What happens if I don’t like the accommodation while taking my Spanish course in Argentina?
You should just let us know what is wrong and we will work on the issue together. If necessary, we will provide you with other accommodation arrangements to make you feel more comfortable.

What is included with the accommodation?
It depends on the type of accommodation you choose. Only the homestay placement option includes breakfast or half-board. Apartments and student residences, on the other hand, don’t offer any meals. Linen (and their cleaning) are included in all available accommodation options. However, the laundering of personal clothes is up to each student.

Can I ask for special requirements for my accommodation (non-smoking family, special diet, etc.)?
Of course you can! When you fill in the F004 form, you’ll find a section allowing you to list your special needs and preferences, so we can offer you the most suitable accommodation.

Do I need health insurance in order to register for a Spanish course in Argentina at SET IDIOMAS?
Yes, it is necessary to be insured during your whole stay in Argentina. You can request SET IDIOMAS to contract a health insurance for you when you register for a Spanish course, by choosing the corresponding option on the F003 form. This insurance is valid for Argentina and its neighboring countries, and offers comprehensive coverage. We will inform you in a timely way of the price of your insurance, according to the length of your stay.

How do I pay?
You can pay for every service you hire (courses, accommodation, transfers, health/travel insurance) via wire transfer, Unipay or Western Union. Exceptionally, and by previous agreement with SET IDIOMAS, you will also have the option to pay some items in cash.

What kind of accreditation will I receive after the course?

At the end of your course you will receive a certificate of attendance with the duration, the level of the course and your attendance. If you request a final exam, then you will receive a certificate of achievement indicating that you have passed the exam, the level, the duration of the course and your attendance. In addition, you can request a complementary report of the certificate which details the objectives and contents of your course.

What happens if something in my course is not going well? 

If your location in the course is not adequate or you do not feel comfortable in your class, the academic coordinator is the one who will receive your concerns in a personal way to find the best solution for you. She will be in charge of monitoring your situation to ensure that you have an excellent experience.

What can I do in case of complaints due to unsatisfactory solutions to a problem?

Any student having suggestions or complaints linked to his/her learning experience at SET IDIOMAS (or any other educational institution accredited by SEA) is entitled to communicate them by e-mail at SEA´s Students´ Rights Protection program is a positive interaction mechanism between students and Spanish schools that helps the latter to maintain and even improve the quality of their services.

What are the available forms of payment?
You can make the payment of any of the contracted services (courses, accommodation, transfer, health insurance) by bank transfer, Unipay or Western Union. Exceptionally and after agreement with SET IDIOMAS, you can make some cash payments at our headquarters.

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