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Volunteering program


Volunteering Program

Volunteering is an activity involving selfless commitment seeking to improve the quality of community life in certain areas. It is a hands-on practice, consisting of coordinated actions and joint efforts.

If you want to combine Spanish-learning with living through a humanitarian experience, this Volunteering Program will provide you with an opportunity that most travelers do not have: getting to know different social realities from your own and help those in need. This is an incredibly enriching experience for everyone involved! Helping a NGO based in Córdoba can be both challenging and fulfilling.

Helping a NGO based in Córdoba can be both challenging and fulfilling. You may take part in a number of ongoing social projects while you study Spanish in Argentina, enjoying a complete cultural immersion.

Eligibility & Requirements
If you have already registered for one of our Spanish courses you can become a volunteer, free of charge, if…

    • your Spanish proficiency level is at least pre-intermediate (A2 from CEFR)
    • your Spanish course lasts at least two weeks and you take 15 hours/week (or more) of one-on-one classes or 20 hours/week (or more) of group classes
    • you have at least 4 weeks to devote to your work within a local NGO

We always recommend you start your Spanish course in Argentina a few weeks before taking on your volunteer work, since this gives you the chance to meet with other students and have an insight of our local culture, thus preparing yourself for your experience.

Why join SET IDIOMAS’ Volunteering Program?
Because it is a prime instance to expand your professional horizons while broadening your personal outlook, getting to know another culture, enhancing your skills, improving your command of the language and building an international network of friends. But most importantly, because you will have the amazing feeling of helping others to have a better chance.
Our Volunteering Program intends to address local social needs, issues and interests.

Sectors available

  • Social work with children
  • Social work with adults
  • Non-formal education
  • Environmental development
  • Cultural development
  • Economic development



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